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The advantages of touch screen advertising machine in teaching

We can often see touch-screen advertising machines, which are placed in shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, and movie theaters; in recent years, with the steady rise of the economy, touch-screen advertising machines have also been applied in teaching, greatly improving the quality of teaching. , because teachers can arrange teaching content, teaching strategies, teaching methods, teaching steps and even the exercises students do in advance, students can only passively participate in this process, that is, in a state of being indoctrinated. With the continuous progress of social science and technology in the future, the application of touch screen advertising machines in multimedia teaching will be further expanded. What are the advantages of the application of touch screen advertising machines in multimedia teaching?

1. Intuitiveness, which can break through the limitations of vision, observe objects from multiple angles, highlight key points, and help understand concepts and master methods;

2. The touch screen advertising machine is full of pictures and texts, which can mobilize students' emotions, attention and interest from different angles.

3. Dynamic, which is conducive to embodying concepts and processes, and can effectively break through teaching difficulties;

4. Interactive, students are more involved, and learning is more active. By creating a reflection environment, it is conducive to students to form a new cognitive structure;

5. Touch screen advertising machine manufacturers have expanded ordinary experiments through multimedia experiments, and cultivated students' exploration and creativity through the reproduction and simulation of real scenes;

6. Repetition is conducive to breaking through teaching difficulties and overcoming forgetting;

7. It is possible to teach students at different levels in a targeted manner.

8. Large amount of information, large capacity, save space and time, and improve teaching efficiency.

As we all know, multimedia teaching is more popular with students than traditional teaching mode. In interactive learning environments such as touch-screen advertising machines and multimedia computers, students can choose what they want to learn according to their learning foundation and interests, and can choose exercises that suit their level. For example, they can use a personalized teaching model or a consultative model.