Touch experience to a new level

Nano Smart Blackboard

The combination of intelligent application of software and education is becoming more and more scenario-based. At the exhibition site of the China Soft Trade Fair, a company's nano-smart blackboard was particularly conspicuous.

With the rhythm of the poetry recitation, a 3D picture scroll in line with its artistic conception is slowly unfolded on the blackboard. This is the unique 3D teaching function of Nano Smart Blackboard. According to reports, the nano intelligent blackboard is a multi-functional product integrating projection, TV, computer and writing. AR interactive teaching and first-angle experiments can be carried out to more vividly display the teaching content in front of students, while increasing the control of multimedia. In addition, there is a live broadcast system on the Nano Smart Blackboard, and parents can watch directly on the WeChat client and interact with the classroom. This nano intelligent blackboard has been used in Shanghai, Guangxi, Dalian and other regions, and the evaluation effect is good.

As a new educational technology, smart blackboards have been advancing continuously in recent years. Some companies have gradually achieved high availability indicators such as sizes exceeding 90 inches, 10 to 100-point multi-touch, and explosion-proof glass protection. According to reports, the next step in nano-smart blackboard technology is to improve the display effect of capacitive screens. Because of its characteristics, capacitive screens are different from the seamless fit technology of mobile phone screens. There is a 1mm gap at the screen bonding, and the screen will turn white when closed, which will affect the display effect. Future technological improvements will close this gap and make it even more complete. At the same time, the company is also continuously improving the viewing angle of the nano blackboard, expanding the viewing angle from 150° to 178°, so that students can see the blackboard in any corner of the classroom.