Touch experience to a new level

Wisdom blackboard, a blackboard with both appearance and strength

Education informatization is the core driving force of educational modernization. With the advent of the era of "Internet + education" and the continuous development of educational information technology, a variety of interactive teaching equipment has become a necessity for many teachers in their daily teaching. In order to accelerate the transformation of education informatization. Smart blackboard to create an immersive intelligent interactive classroom.

Innovation, comprehensive performance upgrade

Smart Blackboard is a high-tech interactive teaching product with subversive innovations in design and application concepts. The splicing structure and the flat blackboard with curved corners are designed for the safety and intimacy of children, which combines the advantages of traditional blackboard writing and interactive touch operation experience, focusing on exquisite integrated design, showing the brand ingenuity.

More importantly, the smart blackboard adopts a super ten-core movement as a whole, equipped with a 4-core CPU, which makes the touch and writing smoother, and the screen and video are not stuck. The intelligent dual system configuration enables it to play Ultra HD 4K video in Android system and Windows system. At the same time, with DTS surround sound and Dolby decoding technology, it brings the ultimate interactive experience and creates an immersive audio-visual smart classroom in the new era.

The smart blackboard is also equipped with industry-leading full-fit technology, which truly achieves a viewing angle of ≥178°, allowing children sitting in every corner of the classroom to clearly see every display. In addition, Yichuang intelligent blackboard also adopts the industry's advanced nano-silver wire capacitive touch technology, which makes the screen higher light transmittance, better stability and clearer picture. At the same time, it supports a variety of writing methods such as ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk, water-based pens, dry-erase pens, etc. It can realize that everything you touch and see can be written, and the entire smart blackboard can be written.

Not only that, the smart blackboard makes students more comfortable to watch, and it also protects children's vision health in a multi-dimensional and all-round way.

Full teaching, to create a comprehensive guarantee

The intelligent blackboard integrates the traditional teaching blackboard and the intelligent education touch all-in-one machine. While continuing the traditional chalk writing habit, it can also simultaneously superimpose and interact with the teaching content to achieve innovative breakthroughs in interactive teaching. With the help of the new generation of intelligent Hisense intelligent learning system, the data coverage of the entire teaching process from before class, during class to after class can be realized, providing users with massive and detailed teaching resources from chapters to sections free of charge. Thereby breaking the limitations of time, space, content and media, realizing the seamless circulation of educational information, and providing high-quality resources and guarantees for the intellectualization and informatization needs of teachers and students across the country.

With the mission of helping schools improve the quality of education, Smart Blackboard highly integrates intelligent interactive teaching functions on traditional blackboards, fully meeting the needs of educational informatization and modernization. In the current 5G era, the future era of intelligent education has begun.