Touch experience to a new level

BRNA is a leading supplier of technology and resources in the education field.
It provides outstanding smart education solutions to the global education sector, including support for teachers and students from pre-school education to higher education, including examination committees, and central Government and other professional institutions.

Main business

The core members are from the industry's cutting-edge research team

The developed series of products and key technologies have completely independent intellectual property rights.

We are mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and technical services of medium and large-scale educational display touch terminals (55-120 inches), conference display touch terminals (55-120 inches), intelligent teaching blackboards (75-100 inches), campus security service solutions, intelligent campus solutions, information platform solutions, teaching related products and equipment, And can carry out customized development according to the needs to provide users with one-stop intelligent manufacturing services.


The team has achieved a number of high-level research results in the field of touch technology, human-computer interaction application and engineering.