1. Adopt industrial-grade LCD panel;
2. Adopt the latest color correction technology and unique wide viewing angle processing technology;
3. Integrated intelligent channel cruise function;
4. RC intelligent adaptive digital processing technology;
5. Instantaneous image, still image function;
6. Intelligent automatic image removal technology;
7. Intelligent temperature control cooling function.

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●Industrial LCD screen

Industrial grade DID- FHD LED panels, low energy consumption, better stability,stronger contrast, shows images of beautiful color, better restore, layering is more prominent.

●Skyworth V12 patent image processing technology

With the advanced digital high-speed image processing technology, the video bandwidth is as high as 500MHZ; the input image signals are split and amplified in a real-time manner during computation; on the single-screen picture after multiple-time splitting and amplification, the problem of jaggy and mosaic phenomena brought by A/D conversion is thoroughly solved.

●3D HD digital image processing technology

The 3D Digital Comb Filter and 3D digital image noise reduction technology is greatly reducing clutter detail images, the edges jagged.

●RC adaptive control

According to the amplitude of the luminance signal, the function can improve different contents, make the image a sense of depth, reduce the black noise, improve contrast, and enhance the image deep sense.

●H2S Wide Dynamic technology

It can process HD video signal under different frequency, and solve image flicker.

●Intelligent automatic afterimage technique

Protecting the long term use of LCD with automatic elimination of blur function.

●Intelligent backlight control function

Intelligent Sensing environments and real image of light intensity, you can automatically adjust the LCD screen backlight glow.

Brightness and the brightness and contrast of the image.

●Regional amplification

Regional image magnification.

●Dynamic contrast ratio function

Promote dynamic contrast technology, combined with intelligent backlight control technology, can makeLike a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 5 million: 1, so as to further enhance the image view deeper feeling.

●Intelligent temperature control and cooling function

When the internal temperature reaches the set limit temperature, the cooling fan will start automatically to sink heat; when the temperature is out of range, it will alarm.

●High reliability, high stability, long service life

Using industrial-grade power supply modules, pure hardware design, startup speed, stable and reliable system, more than 60,000 hours of uninterrupted work.

Model H55PJOE-HB
Splicing gap ≤1.8mm
Splicing combinations Any arbitrary row × column
A liquid crystal panel Resolution 1920×1080 8Bit
Dimension 1211.4(W)×682.2(H)mm
Effective display range 1209.6(H)×680.4(V)mm
Standard colors 1.07 Billion
Brightness 700cd/m2
Contrast 1400:1
Response Time 8ms
Viewing Angle 178°
Signal Interface Input interface VGA×1,HDMI×1,DVI×1,CVBS×1
Output interface CVBS×1,DVI×1
USB input 1channel:USB2.0 support update online
Communication interface RS485 In/Out
Selection interface DP,SDI,S-video,IP,TVI
Power AC100 ~ 240V,50/60Hz
Maximum powerconsumption 210W
Work Environment Temperature 0℃~ 50℃
Relative humidity 10%~ 90%


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