Double spell blackboard

Ultra-narrow 85-inch/86-inch double-split nano blackboard is only 5.2CM thick at the thickest part. It is formed by splicing two writing displays on the left and right. The splicing seam is 17mm. It supports ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk and various The pen writes normally.

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Product description

Ultra-narrow 85-inch/86-inch double-split nano blackboard is only 5.2CM thick at the thickest part. It is formed by splicing two writing displays on the left and right. The splicing seam is 17mm. It supports ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk and various The pen writes normally. The same area not only realizes the chalk writing function of ordinary blackboards, but also provides high-definition dual-screen display and interactive touch, including various multimedia teaching functions such as playing teaching courseware, videos, pictures, animations, and annotations. The extremely narrow frame is not only twice the wide field of view, but the seamless combination of two large-size screens simplifies the traditional electronic blackboard, and combines the narrow frame attribute with the glass panel, which greatly improves the front integration of the interactive blackboard. The presentation effect of the two screens reduces the sense of separation between the two screens. The left and right interaction, the "view" window on one side and the "smart" window on the other side can achieve multi-view joint teaching and visual three-dimensional teaching in actual teaching scenarios.



A variety of writing pens for writing, waterproof and explosion-proof

Can use chalk, water pen, dust-free chalk to write, erase, clean handwriting directly; automatic induction recognition; nano-tempered glass, explosion-proof, anti-scratch, anti-strike; Android and Windows dual operating systems, support any channel writing, annotation function.

Audio-visual integration, smart teaching
Support video, music, pictures, PPT and other multimedia teaching software; Windows operating system, support for massive teaching software, download at will; traditional interface, simple and easy to understand;

Anti-blue light technology, green eye protection

Anti-glare AG tempered glass is used to effectively reduce the reflection of light; blue light filtering technology can effectively protect the eye health of teachers and students

All-fit anti-glare technology

Adopting a full-fit solution of LCD screen and capacitive film, ultra-wide viewing angle, high light transmission, high contrast, clear display, easy reading, ensuring eye comfort; zero-spacing display, reducing visual deviation; zero-spacing touch, accurate and smooth writing .

Intelligent Gesture Recognition
One-button black screen, switch between touch and chalk writing at will, support full-screen writing, and 10-point advanced capacitive smart touch technology for writing barrier-free.


Detailed introduction of product technology and functions:

Touch screen technology:

l Product technology: using infrared touch technology, LED light source, 1080P high-definition LCD technology, multi-touch technology, can support 10-point touch.

l  Safe and durable: AG tempered glass (anti-glare), anti-riot, waterproof, dustproof, long service life; strong anti-light interference.

Energy saving and environmental protection: no radiation, no residue, green and environmental protection, the power consumption is less than 2.5W, and the current is less than 500mA. One key to save energy.

 Operation and maintenance: Fingers, writing pens or non-transparent objects larger than 5 mm in diameter can be touched and operated; no drive, no calibration, and easy maintenance.

Sensitive, accurate and smooth: The positioning accuracy is less than 2mm, the cursor speed reaches 100 points/second, and the writing is smooth, without broken pen and no jaggedness.

 Multi-functional and intelligent: It supports a variety of input interfaces, and online audio, video and pictures can be wirelessly transmitted to the display terminal of the all-in-one machine. Sound, color multi-mode settings.


Structural technology:

Material structure: The all-in-one machine does not have any connection lines for internal functional modules outside. It is designed with an aluminum alloy body, and the surface is brushed and oxidized. The front frame of the all-in-one machine adopts a safety design without acute angles.

Strong adaptability to the use environment: the all-in-one machine has passed GB/T17626.2-2006 anti-static interference test, GB/T17626.5-2008 whole machine anti-surge (lightning strike) test, GB/T2423.18-2000 salt spray resistance test , to better adapt to different use environments.

Chinese logos for buttons: Most of the buttons and icons on the main tool bar of the all-in-one supporting software and on each menu bar are equipped with Chinese logos (not displayed when the mouse is moved up).

TV performance and integrated design:

 It integrates computer, TV, writing screen, teaching application software, power amplifier audio, teaching resources and central control equipment.

Support writing, annotating, erasing, changing stroke thickness, color and other functions in all channels;

 Support one-key switch between TV and computer or other external devices touch function;

Support the direct touch operation function of any channel menu of TV;

 Support the status bar shortcut key touch one-key black screen to save energy, and can wake up by touch;

 Support web browsing and HTML5 browser;

Support local and online HD video playback, support 4K playback; Support local and online music playback;

Support browsing pictures in various formats; Support browsing and management of various files such as Android and Windows system office;

 Support USB update software; support USB storage expansion;

 Support one key switch function;

 Support WIFI wireless Internet access function;

Support national standard digital TV function (DTMB)

 Support automatic backlight adjustment function; support automatic temperature monitoring;

 Support intelligent remote control operation (simulate keyboard to start WINDOWS start menu with one key, open whiteboard software with one key, F1~F12 function keys, Alt+Tab, Space (space), Alt+F4, Right (right mouse button), up, down, left and right directions key, PgUp/PgDn (PPT page up and down), zoom;

 Support one-key shortcut switching of VGA, HDMI, TV, multimedia and other channels on the remote control;

 Support one-key screen capture on the remote control; support one-key child lock function on the remote control;

 Support file classification, which can classify and manage documents, music, videos, pictures, and applications;

 Support application locking, you can set password lock management for applications;

 Support automatic identification of signal source channel, can identify HDMI, VGA, AV, YPBPR, USB signal access, and remind to switch;

 Support to customize the default entry channel when booting, and can set the state of the channel entered after booting;

Support serial port remote control, can remotely control the whole machine on/off, switch channels, increase and decrease volume and other operations in the background through the RS232 interface;

 Support timing switch; support multi-screen interactive function;

 Support screen lock function, and can set three unlocking methods: sliding, pattern and password;


Features of Android and Windows systems:

 Both Android and Windows systems support 10-point touch;

 One-click switching between Android and Windows systems;

 Annotation and save functions can be realized under both Android and Windows systems;

 Touch box positioning and physical shortcut keys can be used in both Android and Windows systems;

 Android system and windows system can share the same positioning program, no need to repeat positioning;


Features of teaching demonstration application software:

Writing and drawing: You can write and annotate in any interface, with a variety of stroke options, providing a wealth of commonly used graphics and subject graphics drawing; zooming, editing graphics and graphics intelligent recognition, text recognition, thickness, color, and fill settings.

Demonstration function: You can directly operate the computer and various presentation files on the whiteboard, and switch between writing and drawing with one button, which is easy to use; the page can be roamed infinitely, zoomed at will, can read the image of the camera/booth equipment, support screenshots, realize Arbitrary paper document display, video input annotation and explanation. You can use two fingers to zoom and rotate individual objects within the whiteboard page. Graphics can be re-edited in shape.

Teaching tools: Provide teaching aids including curtains, searchlights, screenshots, magnifying glasses, protractors, rulers, triangles, compasses, etc., which can record and play back the teaching process.

 Teaching resources: Provide animation teaching courseware for various subjects including Chinese pinyin, function images, English dictionaries, optical experiments, etc., provide animation demonstrations of other categories such as charts, traffic, etc., provide a large number of teaching resource libraries and material libraries, simulation experiments and Question Bank.

 Support using a smart phone (Android or Apple, etc.) to connect the all-in-one machine through wifi to display the all-in-one machine screen and perform touch operations on it.

Under the Android system, you can annotate, erase, turn pages, change page colors, clear, save files and other functions.

 Objects, hiding, mirroring, grouping, and graphic click-to-display functions can be performed in the application software page.


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