Integrated machine DB-AL

The machine is perfectly combined with today's cutting-edge operating system windows7 / 8 / 10 to realize multi-point touch. It can instinctively and naturally zoom, rotate and annotate pictures, videos, web pages and documents, so as to make the touch lighter and smoother, raise the touch experience to a new height, and fully reflect the unique charm of human-computer interaction.

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Android system hardware configuration

Chip 648, 848, 811, 560
CPU ARM Cortex A73*2 A53*2 A53*4 1.5GHz
RAM+ROM 2G+16G, 3G+32G, 4G+32G, 3G+32G
system Android6.0, 8.0, 9.0

Ops module load output parameters

Size and model 65~86 inch DB-AL all series size
Ops supply voltage 17-21V DC
Rated output current 1.0A-7.0A
Peak output current *8.0A
Rated load power 135W
Supported interface types OPS-C 80-pin blind plug JAE interface that complies with Intel's open pluggable specification
External module size L196*W180*H33~42mm (recommended use height 33mm)

Structural dimension (unit: mm)

Product model R65DB-AL, R70DB-AL, R75DB-AL, R86DB-AL
Display size (mm) 65: 1428x 804mm; 70: 1541x865mm;
75: 1650x929mm; 86: 1895x1066mm
"Overall dimension of the whole machine (L× H × W)“ 65: L1498 x H918 x W95mm; 70: L1609 x H980 x W97mm;
75: L1723 x H1044 x W98mm; 86: L1965 x H1180 x W98mm
"Outer package size (L × H × W)“ 65: L1680 x H1070 x W215mm; 70: L1690 x H1070 x W170mm;
75: L1870 x H1180 x W220mm; 86: 2135 x H1325 x W215mm;
Net weight of bare metal (kg) 65: 47KG; 70: 48.5KG; 75: 60KG; 86: 78KG
Gross weight of complete machine (kg) 65: 61KG; 70: 59KG; 75: 75KG; 86: 96KG
Wall Hanger Size 65: L770 x H205 x T35mm; 70: L770 x H205 x T35mm;
75: L990 x H215 x T40mm; 86: L990 x H215 x T40mm
VESA hole size 65: horizontal 400 x vertical 300mm; 70: horizontal 600 x vertical 400mm;
75: horizontal 600 x vertical 500mm; 86: horizontal 600 x vertical 600mm
Wall hanging screw specification M8 x L25 x 4 pcs


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