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Advertising Benefit Analysis of LCD Touch All-in-One Machines in Different Fields

The touch LCD all-in-one machine has been closely connected with our daily life. The scope of application is also wide. Advertising integrated machine has gradually improved our living standards. The LCD touch all-in-one machine not only brings us convenience in life, but also adds color to life and wealth.

Let's analyze the application fields and advertising benefits of the LCD touch all-in-one machine:

1. Financial securities - each business outlet is equipped with an advertising machine, which can send the features, information, financial dynamics, stock prices, etc. of each outlet;

2. Transportation - Advertising machines can be placed in hot spots such as airports, stations, and wharves to send local tourism, accommodation, special food and other information;

3. Hotels - all lobbies or conference rooms are equipped with LCD touch all-in-one machines, which can send information such as service information and surrounding introductions;

4. Commercial and residential buildings - LCD touch all-in-one machines are placed at the entrance or exit of office buildings, and can send characteristic companies, building properties, etc.

5. Entertainment and fitness - health halls, clubs, tea houses, amusement parks, night clubs, dance halls, karaoke halls, etc. With the advertising machine, you can send local introduction, discount information, special introduction, promotion information, etc.

6. Shopping malls and supermarkets - shopping malls, commercial buildings, department stores, supermarkets, wholesale markets, chain stores, etc. All are equipped with advertising machines, which can send introductions of local businesses, recommended products, discount information, etc.

7. Catering culture - restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, chain restaurants, etc. All are equipped with advertising machines, which can send our special dishes, recommended dishes, discounted dishes and other service features;

8. Real estate - LCD touch all-in-one machines are placed in sales centers, residential areas, etc. Can send real estate information, promotional information, sales and so on. Real estate developers, residential areas can send information such as property fees.

9. Electronic communications - mobile, telecommunications, China Unicom, etc. Advertising machines can be placed, business processing can be sent, and phone bill discount packages can be sent.