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1. Product, function overview

  1. Support screensaver display; support 4K HD screen display.

  2. Automatic on and off; one-button switch, on-site installation without debugging.

  3. Aluminum alloy structure body, no sharp edge, wear-resistant anti-corrosion paint technology, the overall explosion-proof and anti-theft design.

  4. Advanced design concept, strict production process, stable and reliable quality, low operation failure rate.

  5. Using Huawei Hisi's latest Hisi V560 high-performance commercial display chip scheme, equipped with a quad-core high-performance CPU and Android 9.0 system.

  6. support 4KH.265 Hard decoding, strong decoding ability, smooth playback, support the point-to-point display of all 4K screens on the market, to achieve the real 4K playback and display.

2. Application scenario examples

  1. Government organs: public information release, government affairs openness, activity posters and policy publicity

  2. Company reception room or meeting room: enterprise introduction, product display

  3. Shopping center: New product listing, advertising promotion, promotional activities

  4. Commercial exhibition: exhibition site, exhibition hall venue, design company

  5. Car 4S shop: car display, advertising and posters

  6. Cinema: Movie trailer and trailers appreciation, screening information released

  7. Real estate sales hall, chain real estate intermediary window

  8. Hotel: promote corporate culture, guest room environment display, catering environment display,

  9. Special price discount information release, etc

  10. Wedding scene: the new couple sweet photo show, love process short film broadcast and so on

3.Technical parameters of vertical advertising machine products

Displays the system parameters

Display size

55 inch

display resolution

1920 × 1080 FHD

Image ratio


Displays the size

(H*V mm)


Complete machine brightness



contrast ratio


Displays color


Refresh frequency


Visual Angle

H / V: 178 / 178 degrees

Backlight life

120000 hour

Screen protection

4mm mo grade 7 tempered glass



system configuration

Board card scheme

Standard with Huawei Hisi V560 advertising machine board card, can bring letter distribution function, optional


A ARM A55 quad-core of 1.5GHz


2 GB


Standard with 8 GB / optional 16GB / 32GB

System version

Android 9.0

USB joggle

USB2.0 * 2 Road

Video interface

HDMI input * 2 way

Other interfaces

RJ45 Ethernet port * 1 way, DC-IN * 1 way, TF card seat * 1 way, 3.5mm Standard Headphone jack * 1 way

Front box color

Xuanwu black

rear cover

Standard with hardware and iron rear cover

Custom version

According to the customer needs of the whole machine, the main board can be customized shipments according to customers

In addition, this model can be compatible with TV products, the front frame and backlight module common, accept large customer customization

Electrical performance of the whole machine

Model size

55 inch

Power of the whole machine(Max )

125 W

input voltage


work environment

040℃ 10% 85%RH without condensation

Storage environment

-2070℃ 10% 95%RH without condensation


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